Vision And Mission

Beat Diseases -Better Health -Best Quality

Vision And Mission

Our Vision

We strive to exceed the expectations of customers by reliably providing them high-quality generic products along with excellent services. We have been maintaining sustainable growth in constantly developing and highly competitive markets and therapeutic areas, thus creating values for patients, physicians including healthcare systems which reflect globally on our country economy and healthcare expenditures

We support and develop our employees so that they are enterprising and have a performance-oriented approach, thereby creating a successful future for our company. Together, we are more diverse, motivated and stronger, which makes Hefny Pharma group pharmaceutical a great place to work.


Our Mission

Hefny Pharma group pharmaceutical is willing to develop and market medicines that improve the quality of life for patients and their caregivers.

We focus on meeting our commitments and obligations to all our patients, physicians, employees, and the communities in which we live and work.

We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards, building value-added relationships with physicians.

We focus resources and organize our work around select therapeutic areas as well as implementing effective processes for identifying compounds and optimizing our drug development activities to bring the best drugs to market.

We galvanize the entire company around growing our business and executing our strategy, fostering a rewarding and enjoyable workplace for our employees.

Above all, we have an underlying passion for our work.