Chairman Message

Beat Diseases -Better Health -Best Quality

From the Chairman's Desk

It all started with a vision to create a Global Pharmaceutical company. We are working towards this goal with utmost enthusiasm and commitment.

As a result,

Hefny Pharma group pharmaceutical has successfully established itself as a trustworthy name in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market

Way Ahead

There are changes, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Hefny Pharma group In order to seize these opportunities; we are putting forth a concerted and systematic effort powered by expert and professional planning and implementation. We continue to acquire and develop winning strengths and capabilities in our drive towards becoming a market-driven Egyptian pharmaceutical company operating on a global scale.

The past few years, we have gained momentum in each of these thrust areas with important gains in marketing, especially in terms of creating essential capabilities for the challenges ahead. With this, all of us are committed to explore our true potential and face the challenges on our way to attain important milestones.

We know that a lot remains to be done. Our early success has given us the confidence, respect, and credibility. Real work has started; we will see the fruits of the same in the months and years to come.

Hefny Pharma group pharmaceutical will soon transform itself into a global pharmaceutical giant.


Yasser Hefny